Subclass 100 Partner (Migrant) Visa

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Port Migration can help with second stage Subclass 100 Partner (Migrant) Visa Processing

If you currently hold a temporary Subclass 309 Partner (Provisional) Visa, you may be eligible for second stage processing for your Permanent Residency Subclass 100 Partner (Migrant) Visa.

The Subclass 309 Partner (Provisional) Visa and Subclass 100 Partner (Migrant) Visa are both applied for on the same application form and have a single application fee, but they are processed at two different stages.

In most cases, you are eligible for second stage processing for the Subclass 100 Partner (Migrant) Visa two years after you applied for the Subclass 309 Partner (Provisional) Visa.

The Subclass 100 Partner (Migrant) Visa is an Australian Permanent Residency Visa. If you are granted this visa, you are entitled to stay in Australia indefinitely, work and study, apply for Australian citizenship when you are eligible, receive some social benefits and sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residence status.

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How Port Migration can assist Permanent Partner Visa Processing

At Port Migration we can help with all aspects of applying for your Partner Visa. In fact, we tailor a strategy to your individual circumstances, ensuring the best results for each of our clients.

We assist with second stage Permanent Partner Visa processing in the following important ways:
  • We conduct an assessment of your current situation, which is based on the information provided by you
  • We advise you on the evidence you will be required to include with your application to prove your relationship is genuine and long-term
  • We assist with ongoing correspondence between you and the Department of Home Affairs.

Why choose Port Migration to help?

Port Migration was founded with the aim of providing potential migrants to Australia with a friendly and professional service that makes visa applications much easier.

Our dedicated team are committed to representing your best interests in the application process and we use our extensive industry experience to make everything as simple and straightforward as we can.

We are MARA Registered Migration Agents who are bound by the Migration Agents Code of Conduct, so you can be confident that our service is both ethical and professional and that you are receiving expert representation in the processing of your visa application. Learn more about Port Migration.

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FAQs About the Subclass 100 Permanent Partner Visa

What is the Subclass 100 Permanent Partner Visa?

The Subclass 100 Permanent Partner Visa allows the spouse or de facto partner of an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen to live permanently in Australia. It is typically granted to individuals who have held a temporary Partner Visa (Subclass 309). Learn more about Partner Visas.

Who is eligible for the Subclass 100 Permanent Partner Visa?

To be eligible, you must hold a Subclass 309 Temporary Partner Visa, be in a genuine and ongoing relationship with your Australian partner, and continue to meet health and character requirements. You also need to demonstrate the authenticity and stability of your relationship. Find out more about Permanent Partner Visa Processing.

How long does it take to process the Subclass 100 Permanent Partner Visa?

Processing times can vary but generally take between 12 to 24 months. The time depends on factors such as the completeness of your application, how quickly you respond to any requests for additional information, and the current workload of the Department of Home Affairs. Subscribe on YouTube for regular Partner Visa processing updates.

What documents do I need to apply for the Subclass 100 Permanent Partner Visa?

You will need documents such as proof of your ongoing relationship (joint bank statements, lease agreements, and photos together), identity documents (passport, birth certificate), and evidence of your partner's Australian citizenship, permanent residency, or eligible New Zealand citizenship. You may also need to provide police checks and updated health examinations. Download the Free Guide to Partner Visas for more information.

Can I work or study on a Subclass 100 Permanent Partner Visa?

Yes, holders of a Subclass 100 visa have full work and study rights in Australia. You can work for any employer and study at any educational institution without restrictions. Additionally, you may be eligible for government funding and support for education.

What happens if my relationship ends while I am holding a Subclass 100 Permanent Partner Visa?

Australian Permanent Residents are not required to notify Home Affairs if their relationship status changes.

Can I travel outside Australia while my Subclass 100 Permanent Partner Visa is being processed?

You can travel outside Australia holding your Subclass 309 visa while your Subclass 100 Permanent Partner visa is being processed.

How do I transition from a Subclass 309 to a Subclass 100 Partner Visa?

Transitioning from a Subclass 309 to a Subclass 100 visa involves waiting for approximately two years from the date of your Subclass 309 application. The Department of Home Affairs will invite you to provide additional documents to demonstrate your ongoing relationship and meet any updated health and character requirements. Once satisfied, the Department will grant you the Subclass 100 visa, allowing you to live permanently in Australia. Learn more about Permanent Partner Processing.

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